STOCK NO 14828    MODEL NO A-4

A-4, Aluminum Jaw Cap, 4" Jaw Width

Aluminum alloy design includes six grooves to compensate for the unevenness of the workpiece
Caps are constructed from a hardened aluminum alloy with two built-in circular permanent magnets on the backside which holds the product securely to the vise
Caps are magnetic towards the vise side to prevent steel filings from attaching themselves to the jaws and keep the clamped part from becoming magnetized
Deeper V-groove ensures more secure clamping of circular workpieces
Designed to protect both the vise jaws and the workpiece from marring and distortion during any clamping application
Temporary work-holding systems
Use together with Rubber Magnefix Jaw Caps when clamping taper pins and spherical parts

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The Wilton A-4, Aluminum Jaw Cap, 4 Jaw Width in Workholding, Vise Accessories" Wilton aluminum Magnefix Jaw Caps are grooved to compensate for uneven workpieces. Deeper V-Grooves ensure secure clamping of round objects.

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