Wilton Tradesman Vises: Quality American Craftsmanship

March 10, 2015

Tools in Action reviewed the Wilton line of Tradesman Vises. See what editor, Travis Raynes had to say:

To me, a bench vise is easily the coolest piece of shop equipment there is. If you’re setting up new bench, the right vise can really make or break the build and Wilton’s “bullet” vises are about as sexy as vises get. I’m not saying women are going to start throwing themselves on you because you have a Wilton bullet vise on your bench, but you’ll certainly feel like they should.   Tools in Action Logo

Like seemingly everyone else that makes anything worth owning has at some point, Wilton hails from Chicagoland. Starting out just before the United States entered WWII, Wilton grew to become what John Deere is to farm implements or Colt is to pistols, easily the most recognizable and sought after name in their industry. Wilton’s bullet models command a premium. An upper echelon bullet vise will easily set you back $1,200 – $1,500 and their top model, the 8″ 800S, will run you an eye opening $3,100 on Amazon

On the budget of big industry, a couple grand (or 3) for a vise isn’t out of the realm of reason, but for most auto shops, indy repair and fabrication shops, or anybody else who needs a very high quality vise without the tool budget of Dupont, Halliburton, or a Class 1 Railroad, that’s a hard pill to swallow, but thanks to Wilton’s Tradesman line you too can bask in bullet vise glory.

Click here to read the full article and see his breakdown of each type of Wilton Tradesman Vise.

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