Cold Front Fan Introduction

December 18, 2017





La Vergne, TN Wilton®, the leading U.S. manufacturer of industrial vises and creator of B.A.S.H., the world’s strongest striking tools, now has introduced another industry contender: The Wilton Cold Front 3037 Atomized Cooling Fan. 

This new, atomized cooling fan features twice the air cooling efficiency as competing fans with no noticeable humidity increase and one-third less power usage.  In addition, the Cold Front 3037 requires up to 49 percent less floor space, measures only 4 ft., 8 in. high and weighs up to 38 percent less with a full tank of water when compared to the competition.

The Cold Front 3037 applies patented Flow Blurring® technology, which uses low air pressure and water to produce micro-droplets that evaporate instantly and create cooler air covering 3,161 sq. ft.  The high-efficiency fan is ideal for keeping workers cool in manufacturing plants, machine shops, warehouse facilities and automotive repair operations. It also is approved for outdoor settings, such as race tracks, sporting events, concerts and festivals.

The Cold Front 3037 runs for more than 10 hours on a single fill-up of its 19-gal. water tank. The tank incorporates a visual water level indicator, and is easy to fill and drain.  There are no hose connections and no puddles, drips or potential slipping hazards. The fan has an automatic low-water shut-off for added safety.  

The single-speed cooling fan operates on standard 120VAC/60 Hz current and has independent fan and cooling controls. Flash evaporation starts cooling quickly, and no time-consuming shut-down period is required.  A dual onboard accessory outlet with GFCI protection is provided.  

The Cold Front 3037 is powered by a 0.5 hp, direct-drive motor that turns the 30-in. blade at 1,100 rpm.  It generates air flow of 8,462 CFM and air velocity of 22.3 mph.  A sound level of 77.5 db at 5 ft. is maintained.

New Wilton Cold Front™ 3037 Atomized Cooling Fan

The durable fan is constructed entirely of non-flammable materials, including galvanized steel and aluminum housing, corrosion-resistant plastic water tank and an easy-to-clean stainless steel mesh filter.  No pads or added filters are needed. Mounted on four 12 in. wheels with solid rubber tires, the mobile fan rolls through standard doorways and has a standard foot brake control.

Proudly made in the U.S.A., the Wilton Cold Front 3037 Atomized Cooling Fan (Stock# 28900, MSRP $3,499) s available through industrial distributors and various online retailers. It carries a one-year warranty.

To locate a dealer for the Wilton Cold Front 3037 Atomized Cooling Fan, visit and click Where to Buy. Enter the product’s stock number and zip code, and the nearest dealers will be identified. For further assistance, contact Wilton Consumer Relations at 800-274-6848, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CST, Monday-Friday).

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